practice makes perfect?

I’ve noticed, while practicing ASL, that I tend to do well with signs I know, but learning new ones is a challenge. I keep working on learning them to music, since that is often the easiest way for me to remember the motions. The only problem is that now I often sign along to songs on the radio or in church out of habit!

I know that practicing the new signs will soon make me as familiar with them as I am with the ones I have a good command of now. It takes a lot of time and I can only learn a few new signs at a time, or I will get the hand motions mixed up.

Even though it will take me much longer than I had though to master even a basic vocabulary in ASL, every new sign I learn is a success, and I love being able to match more and more words of my favorite songs. I look forward to the day I’ll be able to sign all the words to one of my favorite Christmas songs-“All I Want For Christmas is You.”


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