new years’ resolutions

1-To take an online course in ASL

I’ve found one that should start me off easy, especially since I know some basic signs. I’m planning to start in February when my college’s spring semester begins, so I can keep track of how far I’ve come in an organized manner.

2-To have a conversation with a Deaf person in ASL

There are a few deaf students on my campus, so that shouldn’t be too difficult. The hardest part is working up the courage to actually have enough confidence in my signing ability. Hopefully that comes with my lessons, to an extent.

3-To take a “Silent Day”

One thing that I really want to try is to spend a day without hearing, to understand a little more of what deaf people experience on a daily basis. I plan to wear earplugs or some other form of sound-blocking equipment and then go about my day as usual. Needless to say, this will not be on a class day!


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