small world

At last night’s meeting of the on-campus ASL club, I was able to see firsthand how much Deaf people value connections to others.

2000px-Pictograms-nps-accessibility-sign_language_interpretation-2.svg (2)


After the class I was talking to the two students who teach the group. I was wearing a t-shirt with the logo of a camp I help open,”Camp Lake Louise”, and the oldest of the students asked me if I knew the camp, and if I knew a family who worked there.

When I said I did, he explained that he knows that family very well. He went to school and ran track with a young man that I have worked with while opening the camp several times, and he knows the whole family very well.

We were all thrilled to find out this connection, and it opened up a whole new avenue of conversation. I was surprised to find such close connections to a favorite place in a college so far from the camp, and finding people who know some of my family’s closest friends is amazing and wonderful.

While learning ASL I had read that finding connections is very important to the Deaf since their community is so much smaller than the general population. Last night, I was able to experience firsthand the thrill that comes when such a connection is made. This search for connection is one of the most wonderful parts of Deaf culture to be, and being part of it was a truly amazing thing.



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