down to earth

I interpreted my church’s service again today since the interpreters were not there again. I’m becoming more confident in my work and was able to do a much better job this week than last week. Part of this was that I knew more words in the sermon this week than last, since this week was a guest speaker’s Earth Day themed message and I know many words for the natural world.

I enjoyed the sermon, and realized during it that being a good steward of my resources is about more than the physical things I have been gifted with. The talents I have are gifts to be stewarded as well, and that is what I am attempting to do by using my gift for sign language as a fill-in interpreter.

I am excited for what the future holds for me, the new experiences I will have that will help me grow in my skill and my confidence. I already feel that I am starting to become a part of the world I want to someday work in, and having this experience has been extremely valuable in convincing me that my passion for ASL is more than just a personal hobby.


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