signing summer

While I have an official summer job working at the college I attend, I have also apparently gained an unofficial one; interpreting the worship songs at the church where I interpreted sermons a few months ago.

When I went to the service this morning, the regular interpreters were back, and one of them asked me if I would like to interpret the songs. The past few times they had asked, I had said no, I wasn’t ready for that yet, but this morning I said I certainly would! After interpreting an entire service, doing the songs suddenly doesn’t seem as scary!

While the elderly man who I used to sign with has moved away, there was a new deaf person this morning, a woman named Janet. She is a cheerful, friendly person and even though I had never met her before I greatly enjoyed my first sign conversation with her. She signed along with my interpretation of the songs and seemed to enjoy the service very much. I hope she continues to attend the church because I am looking forward to getting to know her better!


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