better with two

This week, my roommate told me that she was interested in coming to the sign language club meetings this year. I was really excited, and she and I attended our first meeting together last night.

It will be really great to be able to practice with the person I live with for nine months of the year. Lily is a quick learner and enjoys signing what she knows with me, and I like teaching her. We had been practicing a bit since I began to learn sign language last year, but it had never been anything serious.

We discovered over the past week, when I lost my voice due to a fall cold, that signing is a great way to resolve that situation! I would fingerspell or sign something that I wanted to tell Lily, and she would either guess at the meaning of the sign or I would fingerspell it for her, since she is already familiar with the ASL alphabet.

Later in the week, Lily told me she would be interested in learning ASL with the club and from me, and I was thrilled. Lily is my best friend and practically a sister to me, and I’m thrilled to share one of my passions with her, just like I’ve shared it with the rest of my family.


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