new year, new experiences

While I was home from college for a long Christmas break, I was able to join my father in church for special music, interpreting while he sang. It was an amazing privilege. The congregation enjoyed my interpreting, and the chance to see something that is very rare in my home church, since we do not have any interpreters during the services.

For me, the most emotional part was not the singing on Sunday, but the practice that we did before, since I was working with my dad and when he watched me sign he was getting emotional. My dad remembered seeing interpreters at the church he attended when he was growing up, and he told me how much he had enjoyed seeing them. He also said it was wonderful that people who can’t hear the music or the sermon have the ability to participate in the service when an interpreter is there.

I’m deeply grateful and humbled every time people say something like this about my work. I had no idea when I began learning ASL that I would come this far or impact this many people. I have been actively learning for nearly a full year now, and I am very pleased with how far I have come and with the opportunities that have opened up with this language.

I may not have accomplished all my goals that I stated last year in my post, but I have had opportunities I could never have imagined, like interpreting a whole service and being involved with the ASL club on my campus. I’m excited about what might be in store for this year as well!


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